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Atlanta born and raised…. tied with my influences from my upbringing in Costa Mesa, Gary & Jacksonville, my love of traveling was instilled in me at a young age. However, I owe my love of photography and everything I’ve learned to my Pops, a retired Photojournalist. Ever since having him teach me the basics I’ve been hooked.

During the past four years traveling, photography & nature have gone hand in hand for me. From exploratory hikes that led to alluring waterfalls, to finding new perspectives of cityscapes, I’ve used photography to share it all. Through the years, I have pushed myself to make photos I love and will continue to do so keeping my passion alive.

Along with nature & cityscapes, I also enjoy documenting cherished moments. My portfolio includes engagements, weddings, maternity shoots, birthdays and family portraits. Many of the clients even requested that I incorporate my nature photography with their vision. I have also had the honor of selling several images to Fulton County’s “Private Collection”, where you can find a majority of the prints located in the Government Center. As you can imagine, being an Atlanta native, this was a huge accomplishment for me.

Photography has taken me places I would have only ever dreamed and introduced me to people I will forever cherish.

I take pride in every photo because each one is created with love and they uniquely reflect who I am.